RESIDENCE JO·KAMISANNOMIYA Located in Kamisannomiyacho,Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto,JAPAN. It is a century-old machiya with a structure of “1 house +1 courtyard”. On the first floor, there is one room (2 people). On the second floor,there is two bedrooms (7 people). Adjacent to the famous river in Kyoto– Kamo River. It only takes 4mins to walk to【Shichijo station】on Keihan Electric Railway. During your stay, you can carry the free pocket WiFi we have prepared for you, Visit the “Shosei-en Garden”;“ Higashi Honganji”;“ Sanjusangendo Temple”;“ Kamo River”;” Kyoto Tower”;“ Kyoto Aquarium”……with your family or friends. We sincerely hope to bring you a high quality and pleasant trip to Kyoto!

The first floor is the living room with a tatatami area(sliding door, isolated from living room). You can see the atrium from the living room. There is a Japanese tea room attached to the atrium, You can enjoy the courtyard while tasting tea. The first floor is also equipped with a shower room and toilet.

There are two bedrooms on the second floor. The big bedroom has a double bed and a tatami. There are separate bathtubs and bathrooms. There is a double bed in the small bedroom. It also has a separate shower room and bathroom.

No matter what your purpose is to enjoy food, shopping, entertainment or leisure, enjoy fashionable. I believe that my house can provide you with the best rest place for your perfect journey.


  • Guests: 9
  • 查看: Courtyard View
  • 大小: 150平方米
  • 床的类型 9 Single Japanese futon
  • Location: JAPAN-KYOTO
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3


价格来自: $279 住1天




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