Welcome to choose my light hotel, I hope you can spend a high quality and enjoyable trip to Tokyo!

During the epidemic, give you more peace of mind.If you are still troubled by the inability to choose a clean and long-term living environment, SPATIUMGINZA will start offering discounted long-term rental services in the face of the epidemic. Compared to short-term stays, if you choose long-term rental, you can enjoy our better prices. At the same time, you can enjoy the same high-quality services, and you can experience the same feeling at home here. We have different discounts according to your needs on a weekly, bi-weekly and full-month basis. You are welcome to consult at any time. Looking forward to your choice, SPATIUMGINZA welcomes you

In the face of the epidemic situation, in order to give you a better and more comfortable staying experience, SPATIUMGINZA will provide you with no-clean disinfectant and disinfectant spray for free. Please take it at the front desk. Our rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your stay. The corridors and elevators inside the hotel will also be disinfected daily. You can rest assured that you can choose our hotel and enjoy a more enjoyable and peaceful journey.


Located in the Ginza business district, one of the world’s three bustling centres, the Light Hotel is adjacent to the sacred land of Tsukiji, a seafood destination with a multi-level travel experience. At the same time, as the first light hotel project, spatium changed the problem of “uninteresting and expensive housing” in a simple business hotel, combining the standardization of business hotels with the personality of urban accommodation.


The design of the light hotel is specially designed by Japanese well-known design. The interior of the room is minimalist and Japanese elements make the room soft and rich. The color and texture of the material give a feeling of security and solidity. The light hotel is the latest modern light hotel in Japan. The building technology is newly built. The hot water supply system, lighting system, air conditioning system, drying system and toilet are all designed for humanized computer control. The location is excellent, the transportation is convenient, the accommodation is very comfortable. Intelligent accommodation The hotel is very convenient. The door lock uses the electronic door lock. When you check in, you can get the key to the room after you check in the passport. It is very private. Enjoy shopping, food and dessert in Ginza and taste the best sushi in Tsukiji Market. And seafood rice bowl. For your food trip, the hotel offers a portable wifi for you to travel around in Tokyo. Perfect for business, families and couples.