Long Rent-English

Y&J Group launches long term rental service!
As low as 150,000 yen/month, 
1 month free for 3 months stay

Prime Location

Selected locations in the heart of Japan’s first-tier cities,Downtown amenity in the middle of nowhere.

Regardless Of Nationality

No contract, no guarantee
Global guest rental is available.

Move-in Ready

24-hour manned response, full set of smart appliances
We have all the necessities.


No other costs required
Free utilities, wifi included.

Long-stay Hotels
SPATIUM STAY currently has 2 hotels open in Tokyo and 7 townhouse inns in Kyoto,
all of which are available for long-term rentals.

Spatium Ginza 

Location Tokyo Ginza – Tsukiji Shopping District
Area 35~40m²
Habitable 2 persons

Spatium Tokyo  

Location Tokyo Kanda
Area 35~40m²
Habitable 2 persons


Location Kyoto – Nijo Castle
Area 140~150m²
Habitable 7 persons


Location Kyoto – Kawaramachi
Area 60~80m²
Habitable 4 persons


Location Kyoto – Shichijo
Area 140~150m²
Habitable 9 persons


Location Kyoto – Kiyomizuji
Area 45~55m²
Habitable 5 persons


Location Kyoto – Kiyomizuji
Area 45~55m²
Habitable 6 persons


Location Kyoto-Nishi-Oji
Area 140~150m²
Habitable 9 persons


Location Kyoto – Kujo
Area 90~100m²
Habitable 6 persons
Distinctive Design
SPATIUM STAY realizes large square meters of comfortable space, created by various well-known Japanese design firms.
Make full use of the internal space of the room, the storage space is mostly hidden design, enhance the living space, but also make the room overall more tidy.
Room Facilities
SPATIUM STAY offers a wide range of room facilities to ensure the quality of your stay.
Household items
Washing machine


7 steps of disinfection,
giving you a comprehensive and safe living.
1.The cleaning staff clean the room deeply;
2.Disinfect, spray and wipe the ground and all furniture;
3.Spray and wipe the washing machine drums, bathroom sink, kitchen consoles, wardrobe and shoe cabinets with secondary sterilization;
4.Wash and disinfect the ventilation fan of the bathroom in order to ensure the ventilation of the bathroom;
5.Wash and disinfect the drying filter of the washing machine;
6.Remove the cover of the smoke machine for cleaning and disinfection;
7.Disinfect air inside of the room, spray disinfectant spray, close the door and window for confined disinfection, and then open windows 2 hours.

*Besides, you can also ask professional cleaning staff to clean the room for every week / two weeks (fee required).

Book now for an unbeatable price!
As low as 150,000 yen/month,
1 month free for 3 months stay
*Rental Notice
1.Indoor furniture includes: 24 hours WiFi, complete coolant smart home appliances, washing machine with dryer, super-smart toilet and various kinds of disposable items;
Please protect items in the room when renting, if you need to add home or others, please contact us in advance ;
No smoking indoors! The hotel has the smoking area, please smoke in the designated area ;
Do not throw away garbage at will. You can put the garbage in the designated location of the hotel, and the cleaning staff will help you sort it out.
After filling in the information,we will communicate with you one-on-one for more rental details.